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Let the Nightmare Begin

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-ask-jeffthekiller asked: jeff lifted up his hoodie to reveal a rather large gash in his side

Toby stares in shock,”w-what…what’d you do?” He rushes over and grabs Jeffs hand and starts to lead him to the table.

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bloodyscarlett asked: she kisses u with more confandance and this time on his lips. turns bright pink/


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dexterhoney0 asked: Would you rather eat a hotdogbsame of smiledog or a hamburger made out of jeff?

I’d love to eat Jeff

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ashygashy asked: My friend element of insanity is over there *waves at someone behind you * say hi to Toby

Ello Toby

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weredragonartist asked: Were-Chan: yo Toby, what do you think of my Creepypasta oc Ryuga? there are some pictures of him on my blog.


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creepypasta-nightmare asked: Toby I watch you sleep at night...

Dude I sleep naked. You must like what you see

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Anonymous asked: Toby can you help hide me? I may have eaten masky cheesecake and he's PISSED. (I also stole bens hat, took sonics games, stole janes knife, took slendys pages, and ate EJ's kidneys and Lj's candy...) Ichoppedoffjeffsdicktoosooooooooooohelpmedammit!!!!! T.T

Get in the back and stay there till I come get you okay?

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-ask-jeffthekiller asked: he hugged toby tightly

"Are you alright?" Toby asked, his concern draining away.

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f4llen4ngelfrom4f4r asked: After he writes the date and her name on it she sits next to him with the paper, holding her broken pencil.

Toby takes her hand in his and traces G-r-e-y on the paper several times repeating the letters.