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Let the Nightmare Begin

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Anonymous asked: That's not the only thing.. Im not really a little girl... Im 16... my mom told me the change like this so i would be less weird.. *she turns into her regular form* and looks down*

Toby stares,” S-so…I guess the princess bit was a load of junk for you,huh?” 

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Anonymous asked: *her little neko ears twitch and pop out from under her black hair, and she unravels her tail. tucked under her shirt, she scratches her slightly torn ear and smiles nervously*

Tobys eyes lit up with joy,” You call that weird?” 

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whitefang-the-element-wolf asked: "i lost control of my dark power im my dagon form and thats why i lost control*looks at toby with sad eyes* i ran away but my darkness still haunts me i'm afraid of loseing control" whitefang said in a worried tone

Toby pulls out a quilt from a near by basket. “My master made this for one of the little girls who lives here. She had nightmares constantly and forget where she was. This blanket is infused with love and pure magic. It’ll neutralize all of your fears.”  

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jaggedrededges asked: Sorry, that was my friend Lindsey. She's a bit forward.

It’s alright. I like women who know what they want. *winks at Lindsey* 

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Anonymous asked: I can show you what I look like though.. but i dont want to scare you *she frowns *

"You won’t sweetie." He sets her down and sits on a near by stump. "Show me what you’ve got." 

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dezireejosette asked: Ayyyyye dweeb dude let's go get some pancakes.


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ask-the-phsycotic-female asked: She hugged him back with slight blush on her face. "I-I'm doing good! Y-you?"

"You’re blushing." 

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Anonymous asked: *she giggles and wipes her face* no... but I am weird though... I just hide it.. I don't show people what I really look like..

"Well I now some people who are a bit strange. I myself am strange." Toby smiles wildly. "We’re looking for a princess." 

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echo-the-bobcat-assasin asked: -she gently pickes him up by the shirt and puts him on her back- "I hope your not scared of heights!" -she jumped off into flight-

Toby starts fangirling and jumps off. 

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whitefang-the-element-wolf asked: "yha with my dragon gem it cursed and it will only work on me *shows the green gem* but i regret useing my dragon form now *sobs*" whitefang said sobbing

Toby stares,” Oh…I’m sorry.”

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cfw-is-foxy-the-fox asked: (I JUST REACHED 200 FOLLOWERS! how many followers does jack have?)

(Mun): 2071 o-o wow

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Anonymous asked: *she clings to him and sobs* s-she's not coming back.. *she sits back up and wipes her eyes, looking at him. They were a very strange colour, one violet and the other gold* M-my mommy said she didn't want me anyways... T-that I-i was weird..

Toby frowns and wipes away her tears with a thumb,” You’re not weird. I think you’re rather pretty.” Toby smiles. ” Pretty enough to be a princess. Do you already rule over a kingdom?”

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jaggedrededges asked: Can I have a kiss? ~Lindsey

Toby shrugs and kisses the random Lindsey gently. 

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ask-the-phsycotic-female asked: "O-oh... Um... H-h-hi..."

Toby hugs her tightly chuckling,” How are you?”