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Let the Nightmare Begin

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Anonymous asked: Toby, I am a ghost now. My body's back is pretty crunched up, so I'm just gonna float around for a little bit.-Ivy

Sweet *throws junk* 

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ask-h2o-the-child-and-jessica asked: "Toby... Have you seen E.J?" She said as she glitches from far to infront of Toby. H2O was hungry and wanted yo pester Jack for some jerkey.

No why? 

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Anonymous asked: After struggling some I eventually get you off me- //it won't allow me to post the other pictures I sworry :(//

It’s okay :D 

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echo-the-bobcat-assasin asked: -tilts head- "vet?" -realizes what a vet is- "flower took care of the wound, I'm fine! watch!" -runs circles around you- "SEEEEEEE I like to RUNNNNNNNNN"

You scared of the Vet Echo? 

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dezireejosette asked: Is that bad? 0 - 0

No, can I call you Deziree the spider queen 

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echo-the-bobcat-assasin asked: -looks at back paw- "not really, I stepped on my sword. give me a second" -she hoped off to the forest and came back with her paw covered in cob web-

Want me to take you to the vet?