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Let the Nightmare Begin

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jessica-the-psycho-bitch asked: Oh..... I found found a dead racon at the park..... I think its still there. It was this morning.......))


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the-forever-smile asked: "I told you I can't die..but it doesn't mean I can't get hurt" he kissed toby again

Yes it does…”Toby buried his head in Jeffs neck. 

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ask-samuel-sins asked: Yeah... i thought you'd kill me or something... thanks for being cool about bro. *smiles and rubs the back of his head*

Why it’s just Clocky 

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extreme-waffle-kitty-skittle asked: OK! So every pic is 10 waffles, deal? (Holds out hand)


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nightjayofawesome asked: *trips and falls on my face* I'm okay! Nothing hurts... *takes some money and gets up*

Really now 

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creepypasta-nightmare asked: "Alrighty if you say so. Well let me think he always wears a black suit and he has no face." She giggled a bit. "Is that good enough because I can't find him and I'm new here so I'm lost."

"You mean Slender." 

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fabiolamoralesblog asked: aww * gives the pancake to cute puppy toby, petting his head* your just too adorable * kissed his cheek and hugged him*


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dezireejosette asked: No! You have to move on! I don't want you to- *has a coughing fit*


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ask-samuel-sins asked: Long story short.... cute stuff happened at a park in the middle of the night. Before we knew it we where sorta kissing *blushes* and that's how that happened.......


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jessica-the-psycho-bitch asked: Laughs and pets him and as i get tackled and im getting along with him all ready-

Whoop whop